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We will personally meet with you at your property and access its marketability based on the intended and prospective buyers or renters. We will pay attention to all the details that are often overlooked.  We will look at your property inside and out.  Through the eyes of the buyer, we will provide you with meaningful and helpful feedback.  We will advise and prioritize what projects should be completed based on your time frame and budget.  Our goal is your goal, to timely sell or rent your property for the most return on your investment. 



This is the most economical consultation offered EVER!  It is for the DIY-er's, for the seller who can do the project on their own.  We would strongly encourage you to take notes so you can refer back to our recommendations and suggestions more easily.


Investment: $225 for up to 2 hours*




Within 48 hours, we will provide home owner and the realtor with an e-mail containing a professionally written home staging consultation report. This report will document all of our recommendations, by room, including priorities. 


Investment: $300 for up to 2 hours*




We can offer "hands-on" staging services using what you already have.  Sometimes, it isn't what you have, but where you have it. At this visit, we will work to best market your rooms using existing items.  This is a great service if you need the property "market ready" for your next "open house".   


Investment: $500 for up to 3 rooms (not to exceed 5 hours)


Vacant staging projects are our specialty! We will come out to the vacant property to provide an estimate, at no charge. Within 48 hours, we will email an estimate for the entire project. 

Investment: TBD



We can help you make the right selections, the first time around.  Trade discounts will be applied where applicable.


Shopping Services: $125 per hour 


*Additional consultation time will be charged at an hourly rate of $125 

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